The Art of Winning: Lessons learned by one of the world’s top sportsmen


Dan Carter is a widely hailed as one of the most elite and successful professional rugby players in the world. After retiring from a sport he played for 32 years, he set out to inspire the next generation of leaders to create purposeful impact, joining the Oxford Foundry – Oxford University’s Entrepreneurial Institute, founded by LinkedIn co-found Reid Hoffman – as its first ever Leader in Practice. Now, in a follow-up to his bestselling 2015 autobiography, he answers timeless questions for aspiring leaders everywhere. Why is the team more important than the individual? How do you navigate the transition from player to leader? How should we respond when confidence is eclipsed by doubt, when circumstances get the better of us, when setbacks derail us? How can we remain humble and grounded when we’re winning – and how can we keep on winning, even when a loss may be just around the corner?


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